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New Autonomous Database workshops

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

Until now, there have been two foundation workshops for Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB):

There are now 3 additional ADB workshops, authored by expert Oracle ADB product managers:

The Whole Story

So, you’ve gotten your feet wet with Oracle Autonomous Database, having taken the introductory Autonomous Database Quick Start workshop, or the more advanced Analyzing your Data with Autonomous Database workshop.

What ADB trainings might you sink your teeth into next? Let’s look at 3 fresh ADB offerings to consider.

Introduction to Autonomous Database Tools

Autonomous Data Warehouse comes with a built-in suite of tools that can help you with many of the typical data warehouse tasks. These built-in graphical tools can help you work smarter and faster. Things you’ll learn how to do:

  • Load and inspect data to see if there are any obvious errors.
  • Transform data to correct errors in the original data set.
  • Create a business model (also known as a semantic model) over your data set.
  • Run the Data Insights tool to identify anomalies and outliers in your data set.
  • Use the built-in Catalog to understand the origins of the data within your data warehouse (this is called Data Lineage).
  • Use the built-in Catalog to understand the impact of making changes to your data model (this is called Impact Analysis).

ADW: Data Loading and Management Using SQL on the MovieStream Dataset

Autonomous Data Warehouse can support the types of everyday business operations you need for real-world data analysis. While other ADW workshops teach a set of wizards to help you load data files, this workshop takes a scripting-based approach that gives you more control. You’ll explore how to populate a new data warehouse using simple scripts, which you can then amend and use to load new data on an on-going basis. This workshop introduces the fictional MovieStream company to provide an entertaining, yet realistic, case study.

Give yourself an hour to run through this workshop, and you’ll:

  • Quickly and easily load data into an Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Learn how to enable data integrity features to manage data quality challenges.
  • Explore how to update existing data using Oracle’s MERGE command.
  • Learn more about how Autonomous Data Warehouse stores and manages your data.

ADW: Analytics Using SQL on the MovieStream Dataset

Well, if you’ve invested an hour taking the ADW: Data Loading and Management Using SQL on the MovieStream Dataset workshop (a prerequisite for this workshop), how about just another 1.5 hours for a rewarding deep dive into the powerful analytics you can perform with simple SQL scripts?

You’ll gain experience experience using some of the key analytical features of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse such as window functions, pattern matching, Excel-like operations using the SQL Model clause and simple machine learning models.