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These ARE the Sprints You’ve Looked For

No droids though. They’re still not here. No droids at all.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

Oracle LiveLabs Workshops are great, and they are just the ticket for digging into a subject that you do not know or want to know more. But what happens when you just want a quick snippet to answer a very specific request? Sprints to the rescue. You can find Sprints here:

The Whole Story

A long time ago in a blog far, far away, well, not that far. It is probably in some U.S. data center. And, to be honest, in a galactic, let alone universal, sense that is virtually next door. And! August 2021 is not really that long ago, unless you’ve been alive less than that. But, you get the idea. Just go with it for dramatic purposes.

<insert heavy, sinister breathing>

In the blog, What Other Resources are Available, I discussed Oracle LiveLabs Workshops. At the time, only workshops were available. These are workshops varying in length from about 15-minutes to some taking days to complete. The idea is that they will give you a very complete overview of a product or process. They are awesome learning sources. For example, there is a great LiveLabs Workshop to teach you how to Access the Data Lake using Autonomous Database and Data Catalog, and it takes about 3 hours.

But, what happens when you just want a short answer to a specific question? You want help on just that thing? Enter, LiveLab Sprints!

Here is a representative sample of some LiveLab Sprints.

There are lots more to find, and you will undoubtedly see this list grow. Check back often. There will be exciting developments.

OH! Has anyone seen those droids? I still can’t find them. I thought… Hmmm… guess I was wrong. Oh well! Keep me posted if you do see them.

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