Why User Assistance Guy?

Because I wasn’t sure. I wanted to say things about the amazing work that the User Assistance team, specifically the Database UA team, at Oracle is doing. I wanted to write my own opinions. So, I picked a name that seemed to fit. At least, it fit for me.

Then, came the big surprise. People, and it really is plural, began to reach out to me, and they were excited about what I was doing. How I was sharing the story of an Oracle UA team. Now, it really should be guys plural. But, I had already registered the domain and setup the blog. ARGH!

So, here I am. I can propose all sorts of lexicographical uses like “guy” can refer to either sex (and it does). I can also point out that “guy” in old French was a leader. Or that a guy is a rope or securing line on a boat. All those things are true. But, the truth is that I started solo, and didn’t stay solo for very long.

Please celebrate all the contributors to this blog. There are many others who have opted to stay invisible. That is their choice. But, without the efforts of these people, named and unnamed, this blog would not be what it is.

What do I hope it is? I hope it is an excellent resource to supplement my Oracle UA team. I hope it is a channel where you can reach out to us. Let us know what is working, what isn’t working, and what ideas you might have to make it better. All in all, I hope it is a place you come often to get answers you don’t get anywhere else in the way that only this site can give it.