Oracle Essbase UA Resources

by Ari Gerber

Want to learn about Oracle Essbase and exciting recent updates?

There’s many resources in the Oracle Essbase documentation library, and there’s more listed below – to help you explore, learn about, and take advantage of the Essbase 21c interface and functionality.

Tutorials and Demos

  1. Get Started with Essbase 21c
  2. Introduction to Essbase 21c Demo
  3. Introduction to the Essbase Web Interface

Blogs and Blog Posts

  1. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.5.1 Release Update Features – Independent, Marketplace
  2. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.5 Release Update – Linux, Windows and OCI Marketplace
  3. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.4.2 for Linux and Windows On Premise is Available
  4. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.4 is available Independent and Marketplace
  5. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.3 is Available – Independent deployment on Windows
  6. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.2 is Available – Independent and Marketplace deployment
  7. Oracle blogs – Essbase 21.1 is Available – 21c On-Premise
  8. Oracle blogs – Why Migrating Oracle Essbase Makes Sense Now
  9. Glenn Schwartzberg Essbase blog – Essbase 21.4 notes
  10. Glenn Schwartzberg Essbase blog – Essbase 21.3 has been released
  11. Glenn Schwartzberg Essbase blog – Load Rule Improvements in Essbase 21.2
  12. EPM Lab blog -Essbase Labs – Exceed the limit of Potential Blocks!
  13. Alithya blog – Oracle Essbase 21C: 5 Things to Know
  14. Everyday Essbase blog – Essbase Shadow Cubes Introduction
  15. Everyday Essbase blog – New Essbase On-Prem Version Is Now Available!
  16. Essbase Geeks blog


  1. Oracle Essbase Integration with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  2. Essbase 21c Upgrade Your On Premises Deployments

Be sure to stop back here from time to time, as the list of resources grows and is updated.

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