Oracle UA

Exciting Pre-Announcement

Or… Why I’ve Been Quiet This Week

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

How exciting is it to write that something exciting is coming. This is not the exciting thing. It is not even the announcement of the exciting thing. It is the announcement of the announcement of the exciting thing. It is Announcement2.

The Whole Story

This week’s blog post is a little later than normal. The reason for that is that I am putting the finishing touches on an exciting, at least to me, Oracle project. Of course, I cannot tell you what that project is. I cannot tell you when it will be released. Heck, even I know that while I have a planned date and tentative approval that things can and do change. By the way, this type of change is not unique to Oracle. It happens everywhere in organizations small and large.

SO! This is the pre-announcement of the announcement. On Monday, September 13, 2021, I intend to make an announcement here. Of course, that may end up being an announcement that I cannot announce, or announce yet, or announce using verbs that have the letter “a” in them. Who knows? (Well, The Shadow knows, but aside from him) Who really knows?

Until then, I will continue to quietly push forward on my work behind the scenes. One way or the other, I will be back here on September 13 with something. Kind of exciting, the tension and all. Makes me feel like a daredevil about to leap a car, except I am not in a car and I am not risking my life. But, you get the idea.

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