Oracle UA

A Good Foundation

Or…. I don’t think that means what you think it means.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

There a lots of really good introductory content that you should read and reference often. The world of Oracle, Oracle databases, and databases in general changes more often than you think. Confirming, improving, and changing your assumptions can be a really good thing. Here are some excellent Oracle database Introductory content pages:

The Whole Story

A surprising thought you might not have ever considered… there really is no human communication. There is human miscommunication, and the best human miscommunication simply minimizes the errors.

This is vastly different from communication between computers. There are ways to detect errors in communication. There are ways to correct errors in communication. There are even ways to know when communication starts and stops.

You might think that the last difference in trivial. But there are countless stories of human communication where people didn’t talk because they thought the other person should start. Or, they perceived, correctly or incorrectly, that the other person was saying something by saying nothing. There are even stories where communication has started, and the other person simply missed it for any number of reasons.

But Bill… why the heck is this important to anything related to Oracle user assistance? The startling reality is that technology, Oracle technology included, changes often. With cloud-based software, the pace of those changes is increasing. If you count the addition of new features, like AI-based products and components, and the replacement of unnecessary older features, it becomes even more hectic.

If you are new to Oracle, there are resources that you want to start with just to give yourself that solid foundation. If you are experienced with Oracle, you want to use these resources to confirm that your solid foundation hasn’t moved from underneath you.

So, here are some excellent resources to get you started or improve your understanding.

These are certainly not the only introductions to Oracle products or technology. But, they are a really good start at the core components of all things Oracle.

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