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ARGH! Oracle Overload!

Or… helping you cope with the huge variety of Oracle products

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

  • The Oracle Products A-Z page is a great starting place when you are looking to start drilling down to get information on the Oracle product you are using.
  • This blog has limits. It focuses on Oracle’s Database products, and it is not an official Oracle blog. If you need official answers or help, go to

The Whole Story

Oracle is a big software and technology company. In fact, on a count as I am writing this blog post, Oracle has at least 696 products. I am confident of a couple of things. One, that number will change often. Two, products will appear and disappear from the list. And three, no mere human can possibly deal with it all. In fact, I know that list is incomplete as it doesn’t list some of Oracle’s hardware products.

Beyond just human capacity, to encompass all things Oracle would require a huge website. In fact, it would take a website (and all the people running and contributing to it) like

This blog doesn’t even attempt to cover the whole spectrum of Oracle products. The specific focus here is on Oracle’s Database. Even with that focus, there are still a lot of products to cover, and I cannot guarantee that I will cover every single one of them, have the latest information on them, or cover each of them in the same depth.

So what if you need help, and the Oracle product you need help on isn’t covered on this blog?

I think that one of the best starting points is the Oracle Products A-Z page. I use this page for getting myself oriented.

Each of the links on the Oracle Products A-Z page points to the main page for that product on the website. There is a lot of useful content on these pages, but they aren’t all organized the same way. In general, you will find links to documentation, helpful videos, use cases, and other general overview information.

So, what if you want to buy an Oracle product or get someone to talk to you about the Oracle product?

This blog is neither an official Oracle blog, nor does it cover selling you (or you buying) an Oracle product. If you want/need that kind of assistance, go to Oracle’s contact page.

So, what do you do if you discover something is out-of-date or in error on this blog?

I’m always happy to receive feedback. You can reach me at But, if you need an official answer, you need to go to the site.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle. I am an Oracle Consulting User Assistance Developer in the Oracle Database Development team.