High value ACEs

These should probably be worth 12.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

The Oracle ACE Program recognizes and rewards individuals for their contributions to the Oracle community. These technical experts and community leaders share their knowledge and experiences through making presentations; writing blog posts, articles, and books; sharing their knowledge on social media; writing code; answering questions in community forums like Stack Overflow; volunteering in an Oracle User Group; organizing conferences and meetups; and more.

The Whole Story

Oracle has had its Oracle ACE program for a long time. But it has now revamped and expanded the program as Oracle ACE 2.0. Go to for more information.

Now! You ask, HEY! What does Oracle ACE 2.0 have to do with UA? And, why have you written this text with so many punctuation marks?

The first one is easy. I have consistently pushed the idea that Oracle User Assistance, or really any good UA, is more than just books. We moved well beyond the idea of information only being provided in printed books long ago (translated: long ago is when my hair was not gray.) We have also moved beyond UA being provided simply in books. Heck! This blog is UA just in a different way.

So! Why should people be excluded? They are not. In fact, this blog lists lots of Oracle people you can follow on Twitter for more info. But, there are also lots of non-Oracle employees that are very helpful. These folks are called ACEs.

I know! You are asking, do I just have to have lots of experience to be an Oracle ACE? Heck No! There are three Oracle ACE levels, Oracle ACE Associate, ACE Pro, and ACE Director. You can read about those on the Oracle ACE FAQ. So! You can learn from these people, and you can become these people! Wait! You can become one of these people! ARGH! You can become an Oracle ACE. WHEEW! Why was that so hard to write? And, why I am writing my inner monologue? monolog? why is it only a single log?

Hey! If nothing else, you can be invited to speak at Oracle conferences. And! Maybe! Just maybe! You might make the next Oracle ACE really-cool-because-it-is video.

Finally! Why am I writing with so many punctuation marks? It’s National Punctuation Mark month**. Where punctuations marks, in all their glory, are celebrated. Except for semi-colons, they are still looked on with distaste. Besides! My Sr. Director has promised me a huge bonus for every punctuation mark I use***.

See you next blog post. 😉 That one is sure to be National Emoticon Month****.

  • ** – There is no such thing as National Punctuation Mark month.
  • *** – My Sr. Director probably didn’t offer this. But, he should. Really! He should!
  • **** – ARGH! There is no such thing as National Emoticon Month either! DAMN!

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