Watch These Videos! Or Else!

Or Else, Nothing Will Happen! But, You Will Miss Great Videos!

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

Really! Go watch these great Oracle videos!

Data Capital – The Wealth of Data series by Paul Sonderegger

The Whole Story

Don’t you just love those blog posts, emails, or text messages that claim that if you don’t watch, read, or respond to said thing that awful things will happen? No! I don’t love them either. They aren’t true! And! They are just manipulative. But, how about a little reverse manipulation for a good cause… introducing you to great Oracle videos.

Also, to show you how they are junk, here’s an example. Everyone’s KNOWS the curse of Tutankhamun. You know, the one that says that whoever opened the tomb would be cursed? After all, Lord Carnarvon died after opening the tomb. Right? Well, except that Lord Carnarvon was with several other people, and they were just fine! That the tomb was opened on Feb. 16th, and he died on April 5th! That he was in frail health for 20 years! That he died from an infection that he got from shaving! ARGH!

So, nothing will happen to you if you don’t watch these videos. In fact, if you don’t read this blog post, you won’t know about this blog post. You MIGHT know about this videos through another channel. You MIGHT be cursed by Tutankhamun. BUT! If you are, that is on you. This blog, nor its writer, were never in Egypt (although, PSST! Oracle and Oracle fans, I really want to go!).

Data Capital – The Wealth of Data series by Paul Sonderegger

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