Something Golden about GoldenGate

This is technology that you probably need more than you know.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

You really need to go read about Oracle GoldenGate. Seriously! If you need to read more about why, continue reading in The Whole Story section.

The Whole Story

Let’s be honest. I write mostly about user assistance with a light-hearted approach. I do that because I want you to read what I write. And, I am secretly hopeful that Oracle will finally realize how important this is and pay me a boatload of money. OK! That second part isn’t happening. But, I am sincere in wanting to help you.

Oracle GoldenGate (docs) is a replication technology that offers amazing functionality that you probably need more than you know.

In a perfect world, there would be a single, highly-performant database with the technical chops to perform everything with such speed that specialty database solutions were not needed. Seriously! It would be nirvana.

PLEASE NOTE: That is nirvana with lower-case n, not upper-case N. And in no way is this an endorsement by or of a musical group formed in 1987 in or around Aberdeen, Washington. I mean! Come on! This blog post doesn’t even smell of Tech spirit, let alone that other spirit of which that band may or may not have sung! (super secret link to a great song — maybe) (or another super secret link to a great song)

But! great songs aside, a singular solution would be great! And, it will never happen! There are and always will be competing platforms, especially in big corporate shops. So, dealing with the interconnection of these things is essential.

With that, go read, OCI GoldenGate adds support for Snowflake, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Oracle Autonomous JSON Database, Oracle NoSQL, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB and more! It is seriously cool technology that will help you get stuff done… with or without the angst is yours to decide.

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle. I am an Oracle Consulting User Assistance Developer in the Oracle Database Development team.