So! How Do I Build It?

If you show them how to build it, they will come.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

The cloud world, Oracle’s and everyone other one too, does get complex when you expand beyond the simple cases. BUT! Oracle provides you with Architectural examples of how to build a variety of complex, real-world architectures that you might need to support the hybrid or multi-cloud architecture that your organization uses. You can find these architectural references at:

The Whole Story

There is a part of me that wishes that modern cloud-based computing was as simple as forming a baseball field in the middle of a corn field. Ahhh… you could grab some freshly popped popcorn, a nice hotdog, a cold beverage, and watch your computing platforms play a nice game between each other.

Alas! While it is a pleasant image, it ain’t gonna happen. Nope! Not even if you don’t wear shoes.

There are so many possible variants on the ways in which you can setup architectures within Oracle Cloud, including shared components, dedicated components, and hybrid on-premise components that is is impractical to know or try them all just to determine what is best. Heck! Even the definition of best is iffy in such complex computing environments.

When you add in other cloud computing vendors and where you need to support multi-cloud connections, it literally becomes mathematically impossible. SO! What the heck can you do?

The Oracle Architecture Center comes to your rescue. Currently, it contains 200 reference architectures that you can use as models for your implementation. In fact, the 200th reference model was just added, as I write this post, and was written about in this Oracle blog post.

Check it out. It will save you significant headaches and delays. It will help you avoid dead ends. Sure! It won’t serve you popcorn, hotdogs, cold beverages, or baseball players (ghostly or not). But hey! We can’t get all of our dreams… can we?

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