Honor My Offer as I Offer My Honor!

Or, my invite for you to reach out and chat.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

The comments links on this site are disabled for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I don’t want to have to deal with the constant spam and hacking attempts that WordPress sites face. I do encourage you to reach out to me with your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. Also, if you have a group (user group or otherwise), and you want an Oracle UA expert to speak, let me know. I can speak about Oracle, UA, or why the letter Z should be pronounced Zed not Zee.

The Whole Story

The one thing they probably never tell you when you start a blog, on WordPress or any other software or site, is the spam and hacking attempts. I regularly see forced attempts to regularly hack the legitimate user accounts on this site. When I occasionally forget to check the settings on a post and it allows comments, I get a flood of spam. It is not fun, and I worry about successful hacks.

On top of that, we all know the countless stories of people behaving badly on social media. What you probably do not know is the countless challenges that happen behind the scenes. There is content moderation and the rules for that. There are adaptations and revisions of those rules, if you have them, to cover ingenious users who find ways to subvert the rules. Then, you have privacy and GDPR concerns on top of that.

All said, I simply do not allow comments and other interactions on this site. As long as the current situation is in play, namely that I am dealing with imperfect humans, even myself, I will not change this. Nope! Not At All! No Way! Not for a million dollars!

Editor’s Note: If you have $1 million dollars or more, and you wish to give that to me in order to post your comments on this blog, I am willing to consider it. By consider it, I mean think long enough to sign-up the legal papers, legal bank transfers, and accept your money!

BUT! I do want to hear from you, and you can do it by sending me emails. I am willing to deal with the spam in my inbox. Honestly, our corporate email is pretty good about filtering that stuff.

Also, if you are a group and you need a speaker, consider me. I can speak about Oracle, or UA, or why it is better to say zed than zee. Seriously, the letter Z, in English, is derived from the greek letter zeta. And in England, they pronounce the letter as zed. Now, since England is the source of English, I’ll defer to them. Now! The English are still wrong about the whole er vs re thing. But! We knew that.

So, reach out. Talk to me. Let me know how we can have better UA, better Oracle UA, or other things. Happy to engage and present. Reach me at

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle. I am an Oracle Consulting User Assistance Developer in the Oracle Database Development team.