Are You Dedicated to Autonomous Database Dedicated?

Or… if you have “split responsibilities” dealing with Autonomous Database Dedicated, we now have workshops for you!

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

Until now, there has been a single, large workshop for Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated. This workshop has been updated and split out into 3 workshops based on 3 job roles:

The Whole Story

The original workshop for Autonomous Database Dedicated has just been updated and split out into 3 workshops, for 3 user personas (job roles): fleet administrators, developers & database users, and security administrators.

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated for Fleet Administrators

A fleet administrator is the owner of the Exadata Infrastructure components and Container databases. Fleet admins are responsible for ensuring all provisioning is in line with corporate policies and adhere’s to their security and availability standards. Fleet administrators may be interested in the following hands-on labs:

Lab 1: Prepare Private Network for OCI Implementation
Lab 2: Provisioning a Cloud Exadata Infrastructure for ADB on Dedicated Infrastructure
Lab 3: Provisioning a Cloud Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster for ADB on Dedicated Infrastructure
Lab 4: Provisioning Exadata Infrastructure for ADB on Exadata Cloud@Customer
Lab 5: Provisioning an Autonomous VM Cluster for ADB on Exadata Cloud@Customer
Lab 6: Provisioning an Autonomous Container Database
Lab 7: Configure VPN Connectivity in your Exadata Network
Lab 8: Autonomous Data Guard

Migration & Monitoring
Lab 9: Migrate with Data Pump
Lab 10: Oracle Goldengate Replication
Lab 11: OCI Notification Service
Lab 12: Deploy OEM and connect ADB to OEM
Lab 13: Download AWR report from OEM
Lab 14: Oracle Standard Tags

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated for Developers & Database Users

A Developer is the owner of an Autonomous Database (ADB) and is responsible for provisioning ADBs on-demand. Developers may also be interested in the performance of their database application. The following developer / ADB user focused labs address provisioning, application development, monitoring, tuning of ADBs as well as recovery from user errors:

Lab 1: Provisioning Databases
Lab 2: Configuring a Development System
Lab 3: Build and Deploy Node.js Application
Lab 4: Build Python Application Stacks
Lab 5: Build Java Application Stacks
Lab 6: Using CLI commands
Lab 7: Database Actions Console
Lab 8: Build Apex Application
Lab 9: Build Always On Applications
Lab 10: Managing Database Performance
Lab 11: Zero Downtime Scaling
Lab 12: Recover Errors Using Flashback Recovery
Lab 13: Oracle Analytics Cloud
Lab 14: Automatic Indexing
Lab 15: Move to ADB

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated for Security Administrators

A database security administrator is responsible for ensuring database environments are built with the right set of security controls and stay within corporate compliance requirements throughout their life-cycle. This function may be combined with the Fleet Admin function in many cases. Autonomous Dedicated is built with security at the forefront and automates most of the database security functions customers adhere to on-premises. The following labs address various database security aspects ranging from encryption key management, DB user security, auditing, sensitive data masking and privileged user access controls:

Lab 1: Protect Data With Database Vault
Lab 2: Data Safe with ATP-D
Lab 3: Register a Target Database
Lab 4: Assess Database Configurations with Oracle Data Safe
Lab 5: Assess Users with Oracle Data Safe
Lab 6: Discover Sensitive Data with Oracle Data Safe
Lab 7: Verify a Sensitive Data Model with Oracle Data Safe
Lab 8: Update a Sensitive Data Model with Oracle Data Safe
Lab 9: Create a Sensitive Type Category with Data Safe
Lab 10: Discover and Mask Sensitive Data by Using Default Masking Formats in Data Safe
Lab 11: Explore Data Masking Results and Reports in Data Safe
Lab 12: Create a Masking Format in Data Safe
Lab 13: Configure a Variety of Masking Formats with Data Safe
Lab 14: Provision Audit and Alert Policies and Configure an Audit Trail in Data Safe
Lab 15: Analyze Audit Data with Reports and Alerts in Data Safe
Lab 16: Custom Audit Policies Audit Data in Data Safe
Lab 17: Customer Controlled Database Encryption Keys