Click Here for $1M Idea

Not really! But, I did get you to click to read the story.

1-Minute (or Less) Summary

Don’t you hate those clickbait stories that use headlines to get you to read something that is sponsored? Well, at least this story is not sponsored. But! I did get you to click to read it, and I will make it worth your time. There is a UA tool called the Oracle Database Features and Licensing App, and you probably do not know about it. Here is its URL:

The Whole Story

Back in 2021, I interviewed Roland McLeod, Sr. Director of Oracle Database User Assistance Development. He is my boss’s boss, sort of my grandboss. Well, not really my grandboss. That would imply we are related. We are not. Not that he isn’t a grand boss. He is grand. And bossly. Let’s just call him my Grand Poobah! OK?

So, I interviewed him, and when I did it was a great conversation. The problem was, it was Oracle insider to Oracle insider, and in it we discussed [HIGLY REDACTED THING #1] and [INSIDE SECRET #1]. These are obviously not things I can share.

We also discussed my request for a $1M raise, and his responses was [HIGHLY REDACTED CHORTLE AND LAUGHTER]. But, since that is of a highly personal nature, I won’t share it except to say it was enlightening and eye-opening and revealing. Well! I guess that is more than a single thing, but you get the idea.

So, I struggled with what I could share. One thing that Roland did tell me was his #1 thing that many Oracle Database customers are missing out on is the Oracle Database Features and Licensing App.

NOTE: Roland’s #0 suggestion was that you should be reading this blog, but that was so obvious that he did not specifically say that. But, it was strongly implied. Really! It was! I swear!

What is the Oracle Database Features and Licensing App? It is an AWESOME online resource for showing you what feature of the Oracle Database is available with what version of the Oracle Database. This tool goes all the way back to version 11.2 of the Oracle Database. It is written using Oracle APEX which is a great low-code tool for the Oracle Database.

Better yet! The tool is kept up-to-date as new patches and releases of the Oracle Database are released. It is a tool that is invaluable in helping you keep up with the Oracle Database. It is not just a $1M idea; it is a $1M app.

In fact, it is such a great app and such a great blog post about the great app that you should send me $1M (in bitcoin, PayPal, small unmarked bills, any currency really) just to show your appreciation. But! Since I am a swell guy, you can have it for FREE!

I will tell you that Roland is thrilled with this blog post, and how timely is was given his 2021 interview. Roland said, “[HIGHLY REDACTED RANT]“. With praise like that, you can be assured, I will make sure you get to hear more from Roland! So, stay tuned!

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle. I am an Oracle Consulting User Assistance Developer in the Oracle Database Development team.